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Lowongan Apotek Manager di PT Kreanova Pharmaret Jawa Barat, Jakarta Banten

PT Kreanova Pharmaret
Bekasi (Jawa Barat), Depok (Jawa Barat), Jakarta Raya, Tangerang (Banten)

Kualifikasi  :
Usia maksimal 35 tahun
Pendidikan minimal S1 dari semua jurusan, Profesi Apoteker lebih diprioritaskan
Pengalaman minimal 3 tahun sebagai Manager di Apotik, Retail (F&B / FMCG), Healthcare, maupun Rumah Sakit
SIAP ditempatkan di cabang APOTEK ROXY se-JADETABEK
JL. KH. Hasyim Ashari No. 48 A Roxy Petojo Utara Gambir Jakarta Pusat

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For over than a decade roxy group progressively transformed grown into a nationwide holding company with several business units in the fields of pharmaceutical, manufacture, retail and hospital,there are roxy group business member:

The first developed retail pharmacies with ISO 9001:2008 standart quality company. We runs several branches in major cities and more than 30 outlets in jabodetabek. visit our website :

We are humbly tiered system of direct sales company [MLM], founded in 1998 by one of the elected national entrepreneur who successfully convince Immunotec Research Inc – Canada to developed their product through PT. Immunotec Profarmasia.
With “Toward a healtier life” our company remained the same as we work to create a better future every day, help people to committed and realize a healthier life aprosperoty, especially for our member and employees.

As a growing consumer food producer company , we are always improve product quality by observe the raw material, packaging and distribution system.
Our company are also doing developed program to increase employees safety, better environment, human resource development and product nutrition value.
To support this management program, we develop training programs, company transparencies and build good relationship with government through newest technology.

With the aim of preserving indonesian heritage, PT. SARI PUSAKA always used the herbal ingredients for high quality product with hygienic packaging.

Women’s and Children Hospital located in Pondok Ungu  Babelan Bekasi City, specialized hospital that focuses to serve women and children’s need, provide professional services and comfort for customers satisfaction.
Our 24 hour facilities include: IGD, Pharmaceutical,  Laboratory,Physiotherapy, Radiology, Ambulance, Operation and Installation room.

We do the marketing, selling and distributing some seasonal products for kitchen needs, hotels, restaurants, cafe’s, etc.


Our business continues to grow .. more … more and more

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Lowongan Staff Gudang Kurir di PT Wook Mobile Commerce Pontianak Kalimantan Barat

Staff Gudang Kurir (Pontianak)
PT Wook Mobile Commerce
Pontianak (Kalimantan Barat)

Mengetahui dan mencatat barang masuk dan keluar dengan jelas dan benar
Menghitung stok barang digudang dengan teliti (stock opname)
Cepat belajar dan menghafal tentang produk dan spesifikasi produk
Mengikuti instruksi dari atasan dan mematuhi peraturan yang berlaku di area gudang
Mengantar barang pesanan kepada pelanggan perusahaan setiap harinya
Harus dapat bekerjasama mengikuti instruksi dari atasan dan memahami prosedur kerja digudang


Usia max. 30 tahun 
Minimal lulusan SMA sederajat
Harus memiliki pengalaman sebagai Staff Gudang dan kurir selama 2 (dua) tahun
Harus dapat bekerja dalam team dan inividu
Sehat jasmani dan rohani
Harus teliti, ulet, rajin dan memiliki semangat kerja yang tinggi
Bertanggung  jawab atas tugas dan tanggung jawab sebagai staff gudang dan kurir
Bersedia kerja lembur (jika diperlukan)
Penempatan lokasi kerja di kantor cabang Pontianak

LOKASI KERJA Lihat di Peta / Arahan Lihat Lokasi di Peta yang Lebih Besar
Rukan Puri Delta Mas Blok A, No 10; Jalan Bandengan Selatan No 43, Kel – Pejagalan, Kec – Penjaringan, Jakarta Utara


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Established in 2011, PT Wook Mobile Commerce is the first e-commerce company that is building a platform which combines the concept of B2B (Business to Business) and O2O (online to offline) in Indonesia. Our company is based in Indonesia. We are managing many well known brands, like VIVAN, ROBOT, SCUD, TENDA, HUNTKEY, DJI, DEVIA, XI LIFE and etc. Products are ranging from power banks, Wifi Routers, smart phone accessories to drone, and etc. And there will be more well known and qualified brands and products joining us, since we have a strong supply chain team based in China.

Our Mobile e-commerce platform (B2B distribution)—WOOK integrates the features of Sale and Group-buying with the model of O2O. It provides customers attractively advertising and high-quality supply chain resources. With the rapid development of mobile shopping in Indonesia, WOOK will take advantage of our outstanding APP application, experienced sales team and abundant Chinese supply chain resources, to become Indonesia’s best mobile terminal distribution platform.
Our registered users positioned as traditional retailers, shop owner, mobile shop owner, social media suppliers (Facebook / twitter / BBM / Wechat) ,shopkeepers, etc.
Showed by the 2014 Indonesia Marketing Research data, with the mobile phone penetration rate 10.7%, 3G penetration rate 17%, Indonesia has nearly 50 million mobile phone users, which ranked sixth in the world, with the growth rate up to 10% per year. The Internet Age of Indonesia is coming.
With the broad prospects, WOOK has attracted some venture capitalists. In November 2014, we obtained a first round Venture Capital Investment from three venture capital investing firms: Danen Ventures, Resources Investment and Dark horse fund, and the second round of investment will come in this September.
Our head office is in Jakarta. We already have 13 branch offices in Indonesia (Bandung , Jogjakarta, Medan , Palembang, Semarang, Manado, Bali, Lampung, Pekanbaru, Surabaya, Makarssa and Pontianak), and we plan to open another 4 branches this year. We plan to have more than 30 branches in Indonesia, and employees will reach more than 1000 people.

We are was the first B2B e-commerce platform that combined Online to Offline (O2O) concept in Indonesia. And we still to invite the professional candidates to join with us.

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