Lowongan Logistics Executive di PT DPO Indonesia Semarang

PT DPO Indonesia

Job Responsibilities:
Report directly to the Supply Chain Management Manager.
Job responsibilities would encompass:
1. To supervise and monitor all inventories in the warehouse.
2. To load and unload inventories for stocking and deliveries to Customers.
3. To ensure that all inventories received at the Warehouse and delivered to Customers are in good condition.
4. To perform efficient goods deliveries to Customers.
5. To input and update data into the AX system to ensure that physical goods and info in the computer system tallies accurately.

Job Requirements:
Candidate must possess a Diploma or Professional Certificate from accredited institutions of higher learning.
At least 2 years related working experience in Logistics functions.
Good communication skills (verbal & written) in English Language.
Applicants must be willing to work in Semarang.

Nomor Pendaftaran

Produk Konsumen/Barang konsumen yang bergerak cepat


Nomor Telepon
+6021 2957 1633

DPO International is a leading food distribution Company in Asia that was incorporated in 1993. We specialized in the import, sales, marketing and distribution of global food innovations into Asian markets. We are also a market leader in food ingredients and we have also extended our expertise into the frozen and consumer foods market.

At DPO International, we value excellence, efficiency and innovativeness. We are constantly progressing forward as our passion is to run the extra mile in every step we took. We have a team of internationally diverse talents to serve, provide and service our multinational clientele successfully.

We are currently scouting for great international talents to take the daring steps in letting their career take flight with DPO International Sdn Bhd.

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