Lowongan Cluster Manager Direct Sales do PT. Indonusa Telemedia (TransVision) Semarang Jawa Tengah

Cluster Manager Direct Sales Semarang
PT. Indonusa Telemedia (TransVision)
Semarang (Jawa Tengah)

Job Responsibilities :
Responsible for the achievement of sales targets through direct sales channel.
Responsible for customer service and complaint handling
Responsible for performance assessment and recruiting sales teams

Job Requirements :
Minimum Diploma
Have minimum 3 years working experience in pay tv, insurance, FMCG and consumer loan.
Have experience and knowledge in handling sales, marketing, customer service and develop team.
Fast Learning, Good Analytical Skill & Posses Strong Drive
Have a good networking
Would be placed in Semarang


PT.Indonusa Telemedia (Transvision) is one of the largest pay tv in Indonesia. was established on the May 7, 1997. Transvision was awarded as Best call center services (2013), Top Brands (2012), and Social media award (2013).
In 2013, the synergy between CT Corpora and Telkom makes Transvision continue to strive excellence and growing bigger.    
PT. INDONUSA TELEMEDIA (TRANSVISION) tidak pernah memungut biaya apapun dalam proses rekrutmen karyawan

PT. INDONUSA TELEMEDIA (TRANSVISION) menunjuk beberapa mitra atau pihak ketiga untuk bekerja sama dalam proses rekrutmen tanpa memungut biaya apapun dari para pencari kerja

Segala bentuk kerugian yang dialami para pencari kerja atau pihak manapun dari aksi penipuan yang mengatas namakan PT. INDONUSA TELEMEDIA (TRANSVISION) bukan merupakan tanggung jawab perusahaan kami.

We believe that our employees are a valuable asset and that every person in our company is a key payer in helping the company to reach the pinnacle of success. We are looking for professional who are motivated, dynamic, responsible and disciplined willing to come forward and join us and be one of our great team.

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