Lowongan Staf Administrasi Program Studi di Yayasan Petra Harapan Bangsa Bandung Jawa Barat

Staf Administrasi Program Studi
Yayasan Petra Harapan Bangsa
Bandung (Jawa Barat) – Dipatiukur

Pendidikan minimal Diploma/D3 untuk semua jurusan.
Dituamakan Memiliki pengalaman min 2 tahun pada bidang yang sama 
Menguasai atau terbiasa menggunakan program komputer Microsoft Office (Word, excel, powerpoint, dll)
Dapat bekerja dibawah tekanan dan bekerjasama dalam tim dengan baik.
LOKASI KERJA Lihat di Peta / Arahan Lihat Lokasi di Peta yang Lebih Besar
80-84 Jalan Dipatiukur, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia


Nomor Telepon
022 250 6636

Institut Teknologi Harapan Bangsa is Christian University offers attractive career opportunities for professionals who have the drive, passion and integrity to work and grow in an academic and intellectually challenging environment.
Institut Teknologi Harapan bangsa was founded by Yayasan Petra Harapan Bangsa in 2002, with a vision to become a regionally recognized university that educates future leaders who make a difference. These leaders must have the competence as defined by the global standards, excellent character, and clear calling to promote integrity and welfare in Indonesia.

Faith and Integrity
We trust in God and believe that ITHB has been called to prepare graduates who will become the light in the marketplace, and in doing so align our conducts with biblical moral and integrity standards.
Progress and Performance
We emphasize the importance of both continuos learning and producing results to meet expectations. And when goals are accomplished we need to further raise our standards.
Care and Service
We put our student’s success as our utmost priority and believe that every job deserves a service that genuinely comes from the heart.

Global Excellence
We give our best in everything we do and take advantage of the new opportunities by meeting the ever increasing requirements of the globalized world.
We believe in synergy from diversity and encourage cognitive differences, while maintaining unity through shared goals and norms.

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