Lowongan Nurse Perawat di PT Erha Clinic Indonesia Jakarta

PT Erha Clinic Indonesia
Jakarta Raya

Usia maksimal 26 tahun
Cekatan dan teliti
Berorientasi pada pelayanan
Pendidikan minimal D3 Keperawatan (BUKAN KEBIDANAN)
Lebih disukai yang sudah memiliki STR & SIP
Berpengalaman minimal 1 tahun sebagai Nurse
Bersedia bekerja secara shift (2 shift)
Membantu dokter praktek dalam mempersiapkan pasien konsultasi
Membantu dokter praktek dalam keseluruhan proses tindakan medis
Melakukan tindakan medis sesuai interuksi kerja yang telah ditetapkan
Merapikan alat & bahan medis setelah selesai konsultasi/tindakan medis
Memastikan ketersediaan & kesiapan alat & bahan medis yang ada



Nomor Telepon
021 21283083

Erha’s history began from dr. Ronny P. Handoko, SpKK(K), who first started his dermatology private practice in 1968 in central Jakarta. He was dedicated to his profession and to give solutions to all the skin problems of his patients.
In 1998, Erha was established as the pioneer & disruptive innovator in the dermatology clinic in Indonesia. Erha came with a new business model, replacing the conventional ways with new ones, setting a new standard for the industry. Today, Erha is the Number One Dermatology Clinic in Indonesia.
Erha’s goal is to give the best and most sophisticated solutions for its customers for the care and beauty of their skin and hair. Erha gives dermatology therapy programs that are personalized and accompanied by expert dermatologists.
To give more access on Erha’s dermatology solutions, Erha’s network of clinics has been spread in various major and big cities all over Indonesia. Erha’s clinics are presented in four formats: flagship clinic (Erha Derma Center), primary branch (Erha Clinic), secondary branch (Erha Skin), and mall clinic (Erha Apothecary). Erha will continue to expand in Indonesia and South East Asia.
Erha continuously improves by coming up with innovative dermatology products, using the most sophisticated medical technology, and improving the knowledge of its doctors, medical team, and service team in order to give the best service for its consumers.
ERHA CLINIC believes that one of the elements of being successful is Talent, because if every individual understands its unique ability than they will be able to work and be an Excellent Value Creator.
Find our own talent and Join our Team.
We Can Take Your Career Further !


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