Lowongan Marketing Development di 3.0 Organization Jakarta

Marketing Development
3.0 Organization
Jakarta Pusat (Jakarta Raya) – Jl. Teluk Betung

3.0 Organization is a sales and marketing office contains of ambitious, goal-driven, enthusiasm and self-motivated entrepreneurs. Why our international clients choose us? Because we are the EXPERT when it comes to ENGAGING people on a direct human touch interaction. We develop people from sales to great leaders. We believe in open communication and receiving ideas and innovations from the team. Currently we are looking forward to open up our 10th marketing office, here in Jakarta.
We have 3 phases in our development program to provide opportunities for the team to showcase their qualities.
Sales and Marketing Development, where you will acquire the   sales and marketing skills through face-to-face presentations
Coaching & Development, where you will be coached in terms of developing other representatives and assisting the managing director in client’s product training sessions
Business Development, where you will learn more on the daily office operations and how to run a marketing office effectively 
Candidate must possess at least Diploma in Others or equivalent.
Preferably Less than 1 year experience specialized in Marketing/Business Development or equivalent.
On target earning based on 100% achievement
Willing to travel domestically and overseas
Independent individual
Has a fun and dynamic personality
Able to work independently or within a team
For furthermore info, please contact us at:
Al Qudsi Angelia
Recruitment Manager
3.0 Organization
Graha Anugrah Building 5th Floor
Jl. Teluk Betung No.42
Jakarta Pusat

Central Jakarta City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Indonesia

Nomor Telepon
021 – 3901230

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3.0 Organization is a Sales and Marketing Office contains of ambitious, goal-driven, enthusiasm, and self-motivated entrepreneurs. We are part of International Sales and Marketing Company, which established in beautiful Sydney, Australia, in 1987.
Why our international clients choose us? Because we are the EXPERT when it comes to ENGAGING people on a face to face interaction.
We develop people from sales to management positions. Our company style believes in open communication and we receive ideas and innovation from the team. We are looking forward to open up our 10th Marketing Office here in Indonesia at the end of 2018.
So, if you are someone who have passion and fun-factor in everything you do, striving towards perfection, you are the one for us!

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