Lowongan Marketing Communication PT Wow Komunindo Jakarta

Marketing Communication
PT Wow Komunindo
Jakarta Barat (Jakarta Raya)

Responsible for setting up sales marketing planning and target
Responsible for developing strategic marketing plan
Responsible for the execution and implementation of sales marketing, planning, online & offline
Responsible for doing follow up to clients and suppliers
Bachelors degree in Marketing Communication, Public Relations or Business from reputable Universities
Excellent integrity, Communication skill and positive energy
Target and detail oriented
Minimum of 1 years experience in related fields, Fresh Graduated are welcome
Able to handle preasures and tight deadlines
Excellent Time Management
Good Proficient in spoken and written English
LOKASI KERJA Lihat di Peta / Arahan Lihat Lokasi di Peta yang Lebih Besar
Jl. Green Ville blok AX no. 2-4, Duri Kepa, Jakarta Barat 11510


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WOW is a craft full of strategic thinkers and communication engineers who embark on a journey of twisting challenges into triumphs. We harvest insights, manufacture inspirations, and crack ideas to advance in the vast opportunities of the digital age without losing sight to the significance of a personal touch.
With 360 degree services that spanned across communication to entertainment, WOW Communication is Visioned to be the leading local creative and activation agency.
Think rocket launcher. We are a full-force marketing powerhouse, a manifestation of big ideas, and an engine that gets you to the destination. We code, we decode, we connect, we make. We deliver your “WOW” to your audience. We are a team of enthusiastic, well versed, and creative personalities who create tailored solutions that rivet on communicating through the right medium.
We explore the colossal space of creativity and transmit the most robust ideas to you. For more than 25 years, we have worked together with our clients and partners in inventing and rejuvenating brands as well as creating powerful campaigns. Our all-around service covers a handful of creative works in advertising, activation programs, media planning and placements, productions, digital marketing, and research.
We believe in finding the missing puzzle piece and maze solving. We see challenges as opportunities, and equal to every new discovery and invention, we turn problem into an electrifying “WOW”. We are certain that every question has a unique answer. Our works are tailored to each objective and brand personality, thus creating a one-of-a-kind experience that glues to the heart of its audience.
We call it the fireworks culture. Our space station is full of fun and colorful people who have intense energy, sparkles, and the desire to make people smile. And at the same time, we are well-prepared, well-coordinated, and pay great attention to details.
We work to deliver strategic solutions that are creatively crafted. Each work is a culmination of creative brainstorming and deep research conducted by marketing pros, communication experts, brand strategists, and many other skilled individuals. By working closely together with clients and partners, we are able to create impactful results that are delivered through efective and efcient processes that prioritize value.

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