Lowongan Sales Administration di PT Kao Indonesia Jakarta

Sales Administration
PT Kao Indonesia
Jakarta Selatan (Jakarta Raya) – Jl MT Haryono Kav 39-40 Pancoran Jakarta Selatan

Candidate must possess at least SMU in any field.
At least 1 Year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
Required Skill(s): computer, communication, administration
Preferably Less than 1 year experience specialized in Others/Category not available or equivalent.
Temporary position
Jl MT Haryono kav 39-40 Pancoran Jakarta Selatan


Nomor Telepon
Kao Environmental Statement
PT Kao Indonesia is a multinational consumer goods company with numerous leading brands. With it’s vision of “to be closest to the consumers/ customers” the company strives to fulfill and satisfy consumer needs. In recent business the company has implemented integrated business processes and quality management procedures to deliver the best products and services to the consumers/ customers.
Product & Services
Skin Care Product: Biore – Human Health Care Product: Laurier, Merries – Fabric & Home Care Product: Attack, Magiclean
Corporate Announcement on False Recruitment
According to deception modus in connection with employee recruitment process in the name of PT Kao Indonesia and/or use identity of PT Kao Indonesia and/or employee identity of PT Kao Indonesia, We hereby appeal to public to be more careful and vigilant then will not be deceived by all forms of deception.
Herewith an official announcement of PT Kao Indonesia in connection with employee recruitment process:
1. PT Kao Indonesia has never request any fee or any payment to applicants, promise refund accommodation, transport, meal and et cetera, for the recruitment process.
2. PT Kao Indonesia has never cooperate with any travel agent for the recruitment process including for ticket reservation, pick up and delivery to the airport.
3. PT Kao Indonesia ask firmly to all the doers for not repeating that same act.
4. PT Kao Indonesia appeals to public to be more careful and vigilant to the deception. Announcement of recruitment of PT Kao Indonesia can be confirmed to:
(1)  Human Capital Development PT Kao Indonesia Head Office
Telephone Number: 021-7982245
(2)  Human Capital Development PT.Kao Indonesia Factory
Telephone Number: 021-8934650
(3)  Consumer Care PT Kao Indonesia at 0-800-1-808080 (Toll Free from home phone) or 021-79191980 (paid pulse, from mobile phone) on working day Monday to Friday at 9.00 – 17.00
5. PT Kao Indonesia shall not be held responsible for any injured party in connection with any deception which has misused the name of PT Kao Indonesia.
Thank you very much for your attention.
Human Capital Development
PT Kao Indonesia
Cultures and Values
Mission: To strive for the wholehearted satisfaction and enrichment of the lives of people globally
Vision: To be a global group of companies that is closest to the consumer in each market
Values: Yoki-Monozukuri: develop best product – Innovation – Integrity
Principles: Consumer driven
Genba-ism: taken from the real situation – Respect & Teamwork – Global Perspective

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