Lowongan Driver di PT. Vessel Freshfish Indomakmur – Tangerang

PT. Vessel Freshfish Indomakmur – Tangerang
Persyaratan Wajib:
20 – 28 tahun
Min. pengalaman 2 tahun
Informasi Tambahan:
Tugas dan Tanggung Jawab:

Merawat kualitas dan kebersihan mobil.
Siap mengantarkan atasannya kemanapun.
Siap melakukan instruksi atasannya.

Sehat Jamani dan Rohani.
Mempunyai SIM A & C.
Siap tinggal dirumah atasannya.
Siap bekerja dengan loyalitas tinggi dan mempunyai komitment yang tinggi.
Jujur dan tepat waktu.
Mengemudi dengan lihai dan jauh dari kecerobohan yang merugikan perusahaan.

PT. Vessel Freshfish Indomakmur
Jl Industri Raya II Blok J No 5 Jatake Tanggerang BantenTangerang, Banten
Profil Perusahaan
asty and healthy Java Barramundi by VFI has become a popular choice of seafood in restaurants all over the world with its buttery and delicious white meat and available all year round Java Barramundi by VFI raised in the open sea in circular floating containment far from coastal area designed to avoid any land pollution Using clear and nutritious sea water from the very first beginning in the hatchery to the grow out in offshore containments the process eliminates any possibility of having a muddy taste in the meat With an integrated and controlled proprietary process from hatchery to processing Java Barramundi by VFI assures consistent quality With nearly 20 years of experience in seafood processing we assure you only quality and fresh products will be deliveredbr Euryhaline can grow in FRESH WATER to FULL STRENGTH SEAWATERbr Females have a high level of fecundity with each producing a large number of eggsbr Grow to one kg in about one year post stocking in grow out cagesbr Hardy fish Stress tolerantbr Have a sweet mild taste and delicate texturebr An excellent tasting fish although fish grown in ponds and RAS Recirculating Aquaculture System are subject to off flavor taste Open seaoffshore reared are notbrbr